Computer problems?

If you experience any problem with your computer do not delay.

Most of the problems may cause a loss of valuable data and complete breakdown of your computer.

We offer 24/7/365 customer support and on site service.


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Decrease in your computer's performance, "freezing", crashing, or failure to start an operating system may be caused by a variety of hardware and software issues, or even a virus. We will examine your system to find and resolve the problem and will will bring your computer back to life.

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Scheduled preventive maintenance

Like any other complex device any computer system requires maintenance. Maintenance helps to prevent a decrease in system performance or even severe problems like a loss of data, or a physical damage. Computer maintenance is always less expensive than a repair as a time loss in business may cost up to 100 times more than a scheduled maintenance service.

Scheduled preventive maintenance includes:

  • On-site inspection (after business hours at any scheduled time)
  • Hardware inspection (physical condition, drivers, firmware)
  • Complete anti-virus scan (trojans, viruses, malware, ransomware)
  • Software inspection (updates, subscription renewal)
  • Security updates
  • System scan for errors and extra free space
  • Network scan for errors and security vulnerabilities
  • Dust and grease cleaning for a good ventilation (protects system from overheating)

Virus detection and removal. Virus protection.

Viruses will harm your computer and will cause partial or complete loss of your valuable data once your computer is infected. Malware and spyware are kinds of viruses that will steel your personal and financial information. Our team at Jack the Geek specialize in detection and removal of any kinds of viruses. If your computer system is not protected with an antivirus or antivirus database is outdated you system automatically becomes unprotected.

Incorrectly configured system and network also may be a reason of a virus infection. We are experienced in virus removal and anti-virus protection of personal computers as well as business networks, and data servers. Contact us today for a consultation and let us to turn your computer system into a well protected fortress against virus attacks.


Complete data erasure

We perform and guarantee absolute data removal from any data storage device. Whether you are selling your computer or just want to get rid of an old hard drive, or other data storage device, you must know that even from formatted hard drive or other storage any data may be recovered using special data recovery tools and software.

There are several different types of data wiping process from a use of a software to physical destruction of the storage unit. Depending on your goals and data storage type we will pick the right option to perform complete data destruction.

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