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From personal computers to data servers and networks. We specialize in repairs, installation, configuration, and upgrade of all types of computer systems and networks. We work with all major operating systems and computer brands. Call us for a consultation or request an appointment.


With over 25 years of experience behind our shoulders we have served thousands of clients including small and medium size businesses and residential clients. There is no job too small or to big for us. We understand our clinets' needs. Even an old cheap laptop can be a big and the most important thing in the world for its owner. We are passionate about computer systems and our job. That's why we do with pleasure and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
We do not work just with computers. We work with clients and for clients. We carefully listen and discuss all possible options to fit their needs and budget. Our reputation is important to us and speaks for itself. Check-out reviews to see why so many of our clients have chosen JackTheGeek as their computer experts.
We value our clients and respect their time. We will discuss with you the best time for an appointment. Our business ours are not limited by schedule. Some of our clients may work during the day and most of the businesses may be services only after their business hours.
We have a great experience in working with all major operating systems for workstations and servers. We already repaired and configured thousands of brand name computers as well as custom built computer systems. Our portfolio includes but not limited to Apple, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, HP/Compaq, Lenovo, Sony, and many others.

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Not every computer is the same. Different goals require different configuration of your computer's hardware. While surfing internet and reading emails may be done on almost every computer, complex tasks such as working with business management tools, architect software, video, graphic, photos, and games requires much better performance and stability. Our custom computers are built to speed up a use of any software and to make it more reliable.

Faster computer – more savings.

Time is the most valuable thing in the world. Also, time is money. Fast and optimized computer system will help you completion every project faster. Custom computer systems built at JackTheGeek are optimized for maximum reliability and performance within a budget. Based on your goals we prepare a several options of your future computer that will serve you as a business tool.

Custom means luxury.

While regular computers can impress nobody, our custom built machines will stand out from the crowd. They are built to impress! We may provide a variety of case designs from minimalistic and business styles to "Christmas Tree" like gaming computers with interchangeable color LED lights. All of our custom machines may be supercharged with top notch hardware to deliver a great impression, maximum performance, and stability for your business or gaming needs.

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